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Horseland Australian Eventing Championships 2021


19-21 March 2021

Wandin Park, 305 Victoria Road, Gruyere VIC 3770, Australia

• This is a premier event attracting top horsemen and women. Enjoy spectacular views of the cross country course where most of it can be seen from one location.

• Attracting a huge number of traders you will be able to shop ‘til you drop with plenty of food options.

• Wandin Park is a purpose-built equestrian property about one hour east of Melbourne in the Yarra Valley.  The undulating terrain provides an engaging competition experience for horse and rider with new fences to maintain interesting, challenging courses.

Cancelled in 2020 the 2019 Australian Eventing Championships attracted record entries and big crowds with Victoria’s Amanda Ross winning the coveted four-star event on an off-the-track Thoroughbred ‘Koko Popping Candy’.

EVENTING is the most complete combined competition discipline recognised by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI).  Often known as the ‘Triathlon’ of the equestrian world, it is a sport which tests both horse and rider in all aspects of horsemanship, and one of the three Olympic disciplines. Eventing originated as a military competition, which tested officers and horses in challenges that could occur on or off duty. It also provided a basis to compare training standards between the cavalries of different countries. The modern competition comprises dressage, jumping and cross-country over two days. The competitor rides the same horse throughout the three phases.



In the dressage test a series of movements are executed. Each movement is marked by the judges. Marks are also given to the general performance of the test. During the test the judge looks for the horse that is moving eagerly forward whilst remaining responsive to the rider’s direction. Dressage tests are ridden in 60m x 20m arena. The rider must execute the test from memory. Penalty points accumulated in dressage are carried forward to the cross country and showjumping phases.


Wandin Park International Horse Event has seven separate cross country courses originally designed by Captain Mark Phillips and Sydney Olympics course designer Mike Etherington-Smith. In the CCI4*-S there are 35 efforts over 21 jumping combinations. CCI4*-S height 1.20m Speed 570 m/min.
1st Refusal, run out or circle of horse at jump – 20 pts
2nd Refusal, run out or circle of horse same jump – 40 pts
3rd Refusal, run out or circle of horse same jump – Elimination
3rd Refusal over whole course – Elimination (CCI4*-S-CCI2*-S)
4th Refusal over whole course – Elimination (CCN1*-S-65cm)
Fall of horse or rider – Elimination
Error of course not rectified – Elimination
Omission of obstacle- Elimination
Jumping outside flags & not rectified – 15 pts
Jumping obstacles in wrong order – Elimination
Retaking of an obstacle already jumped – Elimination
More than 20 seconds under time 0.4pts /per second (CCN1*-S-65cm)
Exceeding the time limit – Elimination
Breaking of an approved safety device on cross country – 11pts


Showjumping consists of one round.
Maximum heights for CCI4*-S is 1.25m Speed 375.
First disobedience – 4pts
Second disobedience – Elimination (CCI4*-S- CCI2*-S)
Second disobedience – 8pts (CCN1*-S – 65cm)
Third disobedience – Elimination (CCN1*-S – 65cm)
Knocking down an obstacle – 4pts
Fall of horse or rider – Elimination
Error of course not rectified – Elimination
Retaking an obstacle already jumped – Elimination
Jumping obstacle in wrong order – Elimination
For every second over allowed time – 0.4pt

COMMENTARY: An excellent commentary is provided during all phases which ensures everyone is kept entertained and well informed at all times.



ADMITTANCE IS FREE TO THE PUBLIC FOR ALL THREE DAYS OF THE EVENT. We do ask that you make a donation at the gate which all goes towards our Event Charity which this year is Motor Neuron Disease Vic (MND). We have been able to donate $15,000+ over the past four years to this charity which has been made possible by donations made at the gate and the Trade Village.


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