What is it?

Kalsio® is a premium calcium supplement made from selected species of organic fish bone sourced from clean ocean waters of New Zealand. The fish stocks are collected under the environmentally sustainable quota management system enforced by the New Zealand Government Dept of Fisheries.

Fish bone is derived from small fine fish containing rich marine minerals and nutrients offering high amounts of calcium in its natural form for maximum absorption and bio-availability. Kalsio® is an all-natural calcium supplement suitable for humans with high calcium requirements.

Kalsio® is highly nutritional, readily absorbed and supports bone growth, bone density, bone breaks, calcium depletion, teeth and gums, nervous system health and the musculo-skeletal system.

What are the treatment uses?

Arthritis, neural conditions, bone breaks and fractures, osteoporosis, bone density, post-surgical recovery, bone depletion, rebuild cartilage, calcium depletion, stress fractures, heart and muscle function, teeth and gum health.

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