Technyflex for Dogs

Technyflex for dogs is nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory for dogs. It is a joint health supplement developed especially for dogs that suffer from joint and musculo-skeletal pain. Technyflex is derived from 100% New Zealand premium grade green lipped mussels.

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Arthritis or joint pain in animals may cause limping, lagging behind when walking, stiffness and jerky movements. As a result, it reduces their natural playful behaviour. And you may also notice your dog having difficulty getting up or down from sitting.

Technyflex for dogs is used to assist with pain and inflammation of the joints. It also rejuvenates cartilage and connective tissue. In addition, it is used to increase joint mobility and as a preventative for ageing joints.

Use Technyflex® as a daily nutritional supplement for general well-being and joint integrity. Read more here.

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