Technyflex for Horses

Technyflex® is nature’s most powerful horse anti-inflammatory. It is a joint health supplement for horses experiencing joint and musculo-skeletal pain. Technyflex® for horses is derived from 100% New Zealand premium grade green lipped mussel.

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  • Comvet - Technyflex equine gel 100ml for horse health
  • Comvet – Technyflex equine gel for horse health
  • Comvet - Technyflex joint supplement for horses 100g powder
  • Comvet - Technyflex Joint Supplement for Horses 100g twin pack
  • Sale! Comvet - Technyflex horse joint supplements 1kg powder
  • Comvet - Technyflex Horse Supplement 250g powder
  • Comvet - Technyflex horse joint supplement 500g powder
  • Sale! Horse health supplements in a 500g twin pack by Comvet
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